Sup Wave


Sup developed specifically for waves. Sup surfing is not just for seasoned supporters, but you already have to have a certain mastery of the equipment. You can catch waves of any size. Contrary to popular belief, no wave is too big or too small to be surfed with a sup. The dome deck offers a good thickness in the center and makes the edges medium volume, facilitating troughs and edge changes in maneuvers.




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Additional information


Center box for fins and stabilizer plugs;
Concave types with v on the tail;
Round tail or squash;
Hollow Wooden Building System;
Project developed in 3D software;
Relief valve that controls the air pressure inside the board.

delivery time

45 days after payment confirmation.

Board Dimensions

The shape is created in 3D software, according to the client's preferences and characteristics. After purchase, we will submit the project for your approval. If necessary, we will adjust until it is to your liking.


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